Saturday, October 3, 2009

St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Baker Invites You To The Bicycle Bash By The Bay On Oct. 11

After leading the local Seminole Heights Bicycle Club ride this morning, I packed up the Bicycle Bash rolling billboard and went with Bridget to St. Petersburg today to promote the Bicycle Bash, set for Oct. 11 in North Straub Park.

It meant handing out fliers at the Downtown Farmer's Market in St. Petersburg and heading over to the Crescent Lake festival, where I bumped into Mayor Rick Baker. Baker's mayoral career ends January because of term limits, but one of his best legacies is his commitment to bicycle infrastructure in St. Pete.

The city has made a remarkable turn-around from a city that lacked bicycle lanes to a city that wins awards for its bicycle-friendly infrastructure. That's why SWFBUD is giving Baker a SWFBUDdy award at the Oct. 11 bicycle festival.

I chatted with the mayor today and he will be out of town next Sunday talking about education in Boston. But he was happy to invite people to the Bicycle Bash to celebrate bicycling on Oct. 11.

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