Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tampa Police Joins SHBC For Morning Ride

This morning three Tampa police officers joined the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club for our slow family ride through Seminole Heights. I met Cpl. Tom Downes while biking back from the Fun-Lan market around 8:10 am and I invited Cpl. Downes and two of his mates to join us on our 8:30 neighborhood club ride.

Officer Downes explained why police biking is so effective in a brief chat to the club members before our ride. Cops on bikes allows police to make connections with local residents and gives them quick maneuverability down alleys and in tight places.

It was another great day for the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club -- making connections with local police on bikes.

Naturally, I invited the three officers to the Bicycle Bash by the Bay on Oct. 11 and extended an invitation to Tampa Chief Jane Castor to join is at the Bicycle Bash by the Bay.

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