Monday, October 19, 2009

Wal-Mart On Dale Mabry Highway Offers No Safe Place To Lock A Bicycle For Customers

Bicycle commuter Cody G. had a rough time finding a secure and safe place to lock a bicycle at the Wal-Mart on North Dale Mabry Highway near I-275. Here is Cody's story:

"I know many cyclists out there already avoid Wal-mart for the terrible things they are doing to the world and our neighborhoods, but times are tough and sometimes you find yourself trapped into having to go to their vision center because you don't have vision insurance.

"I rode to my appointment this morning as I do not have a car and commute 250+ miles a week by bicycle. Upon arriving I noticed they didn't have any bike racks or anywhere to lock up a bike so I proceeded by visiting the garden center to ask if I could leave my bike by some empty shelves in the corner.

"Of course the answer was 'no, and it has to go outside of the gates,' with no further explanation.

"I thought why not try Customer Service? Upon arriving to the counter I asked if I could place my bicycle out of the way by the edge of the counter during my eye exam.

"I received a 'no, it's against policy.' I explained that there was no where else to lock up a bike. Their response was to lock it a pole outside. All you had to do was lift the bike over the poll to steal it.

"I explained I wasn't comfortable with that as I have no other forms of transportation, I quickly received another 'no.' I asked to speak with a manager as for an opportunity to give me a solution in which she had none and told me I had to leave and could not keep my bike in the store for 'liability purposes' from a store that sells bicycles and lets kids roll around with Heelys.

"No one offered any solutions, no one offered to help, they had no options for cyclists and told me to lock it up at Best Buy. Apparently you need a car or ride the bus to shop at Wal-mart #1960 on Dale Mabry and I-275?

"I am really disappointed to be treated so poorly and was wondering if anyone else had any similar experiences."

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ToddBS said...

I certainly hope you sent this to Walmart corporate.