Monday, April 19, 2010

Bicyclist Position In The Traffic Lane

Tim Butts, president of the St. Pete Bike Club, sent me a terrific link to George Martin's Florida Bicycle Law that focuses on text created for the Orlando Police Department Bulletin. It was an initiative by Orlando Officer Bill Edgar, a member of the Florida Bicycle Law's officer advisory panel.

Best quotation from the Florida Bike Law and Orlando Police Bulletin: "A significant contributor in crashes between cars and bikes is poor lane positioning by the cyclist. Riding too far right makes the cyclist hard to see and encourages motorists to squeeze past—dangerously close—in narrow lanes. In an effort to increase cycling safety and decrease crashes between bikes and cars, cycling educators are teaching cyclists to ride assertively on our roads."


sabinna said...

In Taiwan we ride out away from the curb because it is quite rough, cars sound their horn if you are in their way. You know they are coming and can move over. When they pass you move back out. This system works quite well.

Donny said...

...but if a police officer catches you obeying the law, they'll be sure to ticket you for it. >_<

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