Friday, January 14, 2011

Draft Hillsborough Bike Safety Plan Strategies

The Hillsborough County bicycle safety action plan is being crafted. The draft strategies to reduce the tragic bicycle deaths that have plagued metro Tampa Bay and the high number of cars hitting bicyclists are available here.

And for more background on the bicycle safety action plan draft strategies, check out info on workshops here.

* * *

I used to live in Utica, NY (through a winter, in fact) and Bicycle Stories reader Jerry sends a link to a local newspaper story regarding a 50-year-old man on his bicycle who was killed by a pickup truck driver outside Utica on a rural road.

Check out the story here and tell me what you think of the police officer's quote at the end. It seems yet another example of police blaming a bicyclist for, I guess, just being there.

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