Tuesday, January 18, 2011

SWFBUD Unveils A New Bicycle Safety Poster

I want to share SWFBUD's PSA poster just unveiled this week.

SWFBUD thanks Joe Mizerack for providing the 3 feet please jerseys being worn by the bicyclists. Joe is a terrific bicycle advocate from Tallahassee who created the yellow-and-black bike jersey with the 3 Feet message. Joe is trying to get the 3 Feet message on signs at the Florida state line to greet motorists when they enter Florida.

SWFBUD thanks Kirt Livernois for taking the photo. About six weeks ago, Kirt biked from his home near the University Mall area to Seminole Heights at the Sunday Market with his camera equipment in big saddle bags to do the photo shoot. Kirt uses a tadpole trike as his wheels.

SWFBUD thanks Tanja Vidovic for the flier design. Tanja and her husband Jared are bicyclists who like to bike everywhere. Jared bikes to his job at the VA Hospital on 30th Street from his Sulphur Springs home.

Also, thank yous to Steve Swiger, Margaret Shepherd and Caitlin Kaelber who joined me on bicycle and Bridget Sweeten who drove the car in the pic.

SWFBUD believes both motorists and bicyclists need to be educated about road safety and that we're all responsible.


Anonymous said...

Dick Greco discussion on Bike Safety around Proposal: Resurrect the cross city/county trail or linear park from Gandy Bridge to New Tampa


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