Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tampa's Mayoral Candidates And Their Bicycling Positions

I have interviewed all five Tampa mayoral candidates to find out their positions regarding bicycling.

But tonight was the first time that I was able to see all five together at a mayoral and council candidates forum in Seminole Heights. I took the opportunity to meet all five again and took photos of all of them.

Here are the mayoral candidates and their positions regarding bicycling based on my previous interviews with them regarding bicycling. The mayors are listed in order of their five-minute talks at the Seminole Heights Garden Center.

Bob Buckhorn

Buckhorn's bicycle views.

* * *

Thomas Scott

Scott's bicycle views.

* * *

Ed Turanchik

Turanchik's bicycle views.

* * *

Rose Ferlita

Ferlita's bicycle views.

* * *

Dick Greco

Greco's bicycle views.

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