Thursday, January 13, 2011

Metro Tampa Bay Area Needs These Signs

Because so many roads in the metro Tampa area are narrow and sub-standard width for both a bicyclist and car to be in the same lane, especially with a vehicle coming in the opposite direction, I strongly advise local governments in the Tampa Bay area to install these signs.



peep said...

I second that...

Scott said...

I prefer the 'Share the Road' signs. I understand the legal rationale behind the 'full lane' signs but I think they are too hard for your average driver to comprehend.

Donny said...
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Donny said...

"Share the Road" has its own set of problems. The wording of it makes the motorist think that the road is his and that he is expected to give some of it up for the benefit of bicyclists, who he doesn't think belong on the road in the first place.

It's the same psychology that makes most people dislike taxes.

While I am not sure if either of these signs is perfectly clear, they should be more effective. They are more stern and informative, letting the reader know that bicyclists are, in fact, allowed to be on the road.

Instead of asking them to share, it lets motorists know that the road belongs to bicyclists as well.