Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Send Pro-Causeway Trail Emails to The Florida DOT

SWFBUD asks you to write to these emails at the Florida DOT and tell them you support the proposed Courtney Campbell Causeway multi-use bike/ped trail.

Many people are writing to oppose this vital project.

The emails are:

Bicyclist Glen Gulickson, who works part-time at SWFBUD member store Bicycle Outfitters in Seminole, wrote this email in favor of the causeway trail.

Dear Ming Gao and Robin Rhinesmith,

Aas a follow up to my email yesterday, I would like to submit the article attached below. It is the word for word presentation, before Congress, by John Burke, CEO of TREK Bicycle Corporation.

You can take what you will from the article, but there are two things I would like to point out.

The first is that, if anything, the pendulum favoring bicycle/pedestrian
infrastructure improvement should be swinging our way. Everything about
non-motorized transportation is a plus-better health,documented economic
benefits, less wear and tear on the roads we already have, less reliance
on foreign oil and much less expensive infrastructure development and
maintenance costs.

The second is the example of Portland, Oregon. Here is a city that is
split right down its' heart by the Willamette River and stays connected by
five bridges. (Additionally, there are two interstate bridges) These are
OLD BRIDGES and I'm sure took some significant engineering to accommodate
cyclists and pedestrians, but the thing that caught my eye was that
Portland has spent, over the last TWENTY YEARS, the equivalent cost of ONE
MILE of urban, four lane highway. ONE MILE!!!! And bicycle ridership has

I know you have a tough job and a lot of folks are weighing in on all
sides, but now is NOT the time to waiver on this issue-now is the time to
step forward boldly and take the step that will be a legacy to our

The Greater Tampa Bay area needs the Courtney Campbell Causeway Trail and
I urge you, once again to press forward with its' implementation and

Thank you for you time,

Glen A. Gullickson

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