Saturday, April 23, 2011

Trek Bicycle Store of St. Pete Launches The Bike n' Eat Ride

Saturday afternoon in St. Petersburg reminded me of the Hub Grub Ride in Seminole Heights as the Trek Store of St. Pete launched the inaugural St. Pete Bike n' Eat ride -- a bicycle tour of six restaurants in the 'burg.

Kudos to Rick and Anne Fidanzato, owners of the Trek Store of St. Petersburg and ABC Bicycles, for organizing a terrific bike event that drew about 85 bicyclists who pedaled the 12-mile route and enjoyed samples at a half-dozen local St. Pete restaurants.

As the Hub Grub organizer, I know the time and effort it takes to pull off one of these rides -- lining up the restaurants, fashioning a safe bike route for casual bicyclists and creating an ambience that's enjoyable for newcomer and veteran bicyclist alike.

Rick and Anne pulled it off like pros and I enjoyed a wonderful day of bicycling and restauranting in St. Pete this afternoon.

Cool scene as people sign up for the Bike n' Eat.

And, we're off.

Restaurant 1 -- Big Matt at Tour de Pizza

Biking to stop two -- 400 Beach.

There were two bike events today in St. Pete, where the fixie bike messenger wannabes ignored all traffic laws, flew through red lights and turned left through a line of slower-moving cyclists because they're really cool and they were in some sort of treasure hunt contest. When drivers see fixie riders flaunt every traffic rule in the book, no wonder bicyclists get such a bad rep.

Restaurant 2 -- We arrive at 400 Beach.

Thank you Rick -- you did a great job.

Dipping into the artichoke dip.

The ride's youngest participant.

Restaurant 3 -- Bicyclists swarm the Taco Bus.

A great collector'stem -- the Taco Bus water bottle. Filled with pineapple juice.

Restaurant 4 -- A few blocks from the Taco Bus is Grand Central Perc -- a neat coffee house.

Biking down Central Avenue to The Hangar

Restaurant 5 -- The Hangar at Albert Whitted Airport

Bikes parked at The Hangar

Left The Hangar and on to Harvey's on 4th Street North.

Restaurant 6 -- Harvey's 4th Street Grill


Deborah said...

Looks like great fun - wish we could have joined you and Bridget!

Charles Rinehart said...

Great article and fantastic photos Allen. Looks like an excellent time was had by all.