Thursday, April 21, 2011

SWFBUD Likes The 40th Street Project In Tampa

SWFBUD applauds the city of Tampa for its 40th Street road project, which includes a newly-poaved surface, bike lanes from Hillsborough to Fowler and three traffic circles that keep traffic flowing.

In the early mornings, I bike from Seminole Heights east on Hanna Avenue and intersect a 40th Street circle, which takes me onto the road north to Busch and beyond.

The road is smooth as silk and the bike lanes are great.

The traffic circles don't have the bike lanes, but I flow into the inside lane and take the lane. Most motorists understand my right to the lane and follow me if they need to turn out of tyhe circle behind me.

Well done, city of Tampa. Now, let's build some more roads like this around Tampa Bay.

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