Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Biking Across Country And Then Some To Visit The Ballparks

Reading the story today in the St. Pete Times about a 24-year-old guy by the name of Darren O'Donnell riding his bicycle 4,500 miles around the United States to visit all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums (he was in St. Pete today for the Rays-Red Sox game) reminded me of my two solo cross-country bike rides in my 20s when I biked from New York to the West Coast, and then biked along the West Coast.

Biking across the country with a tent and a sleeping bag and letting each day unfold to its own rhythm is something every bicyclist should do. The journey takes you and not the other way around and decades later I still can recall the most amazing and detailed anecdotes about days along the trek.

The St. Pete Times did a nice job telling Darren's story.

And I realized the other day that the reason I crave diverse bike rides and different scenery is that it's an effort to re-create the vibe of discovery on a daily basis that's all about cross-country bike rides.

I think about biking across the country again -- maybe one day.

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