Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New York Officer Pulls Over Bicyclist For Showing Too Much Leg

New York is a fun city for bicyclists -- and a bit bizarre, too. They have striped many miles of bike lanes and have a cool campaign called "Don't Be A Jerk" about trying to get bicyclists and motorists to obey the traffic law.

But sometimes police issue dumb tickets. You might recall my old college friend David Regen was among the bicyclists cited for speeding in Central Park only to have a police officer show up at his home and tell him the ticket is being withdrawn. Then, there was the filmmaker was was cited for NOT biking in the bike lane and he made a funny video about the obstacles in bike lanes that went viral and was interviewed by AP for a news video that appeared on

Now I present this New York Daily News story about a Dutch tourist showing too much leg while bicycling. She was pulled over by the officer and reprimanded for showing too much leg flesh but not given a ticket.

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Anonymous said...

She was not given a ticket; the article clearly states this. The non-ticketed rider is also a 'guerilla marketing' expert representing a dutch bicycle brand. See
She has used the incident to draw attention to the bicycle brand. Thanks for entering her PR vortex. Can we return to local, relevant news now?