Thursday, June 23, 2011

Don't Ruminate -- Illuminate!

These links caught my attention. Check out this dude -- a rapper, but not your average rapper, deploying some unique bling and a rap song about bike lights.

Then, there's this story from Bonita Springs, Fla. where a ghost bike was installed to memorialize the loss of life of a bicyclist.

But then the Florida DOT removed it because it was on a public state right-of-way.

Tammie Wonning put it best on Facebook: "We can't get laws to protect us or drivers cited for killing us yet you remove something to help bring awareness and memorialize those cyclists we have lost. Florida, you never cease to amaze me."

The DOT also removed a ghost bike on Gandy in front of the dogtrack in St. Pete that was installed to remember bicyclist Frankie, who used to work for Tour de Pizza in St. Petersburg but was killed by a motorist several years ago.


Anonymous said...

Tammie Wonning sux!!! Her dog too!!!!lol!

Anonymous said...

Loser Wonning!!!!!!!!!! Biking? Is that all you have in your life? No kids, no marriage, nothing REAL IN YOUR LIFE????? Wow!!!! Loser!!!