Thursday, May 17, 2012

14 Bicyclists Brave The Rain For Ride of Silence in Dunedin/Clearwater

Ruth Holmberg of the Suncoast Cycling Club wrote this touching account about last night's Ride of Silence for the Suncoast Cycling Club's Facebook page. They rode 11 miles in the rain in the Dunedin/Clearwater area in Pinellas County.

Fourteen hardy souls joined me to brave the elements. A big thank you to all who came out and got soaked with me. We rode our slow, silent 11 plus miles in a steady downpour and as we skirted Saint Joseph Sound near the end of the route we were treated to an anomaly of nature - the orange ball of the sun hovering above the horizon, trying desperately to shine through the clouds and rain. The effect was an eerie glow of pale yet brilliant orange in a misty gray sky. A fitting tribute to our fallen comrades.

Special thanks to Harold Mitnick for doing much of the leg work for this year's event, especially procuring and painting our ghost bike; and to Chuck Holley for spending an enormous amount of his limited free time
rigging up a trailer so that the ghost bike could be towed along the route at rider level.

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In Tampa, there was also a Ride of Silence and the local FOX news station was there for the story:

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And in Clermont northwest of Orlando, Lacey Nickell, whose dad was bicycling when killed by a motorist, helped organized a Ride of Silence (with Sara McLarty whose dad was also killed while bicycling) and wrote this poem:

In the Silence
Tonight we join an event world wide
To honor the injured and loved ones who died
Together we will ride silent and slow
To raise awareness of cyclist rights on the road
Maybe you've heard stories, or it's happened to you
Where a car will pull up, leaving an inch or two
They think it's funny, and that it's okay
They think cyclist should get out of THEIR way
Little do they know how wro
ng they are
That we cyclist have the same rights as a car
It's because of their ignorance when their tires veer
That our loved ones physically are no longer here
But their memories will live inside us until we see them again
So tonight this ride is dedicated to every one of them.

Clermont Ride of Silence 2012
In honor of the lives of Harry Nickell and Brent McLarty

* * *

In Chattanooga, Tenn., checvk out this media coverage of the Ride of Silence:

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