Friday, May 18, 2012

Catching Up On This and That

It was great to join Julia Gorzka on WMNF radio this morning to discuss the plan to extend the life of the Friendship TrailBRidge. Read my Tampa Tribune commentary on restoring the FTB:

Hillsborough County Commissioner Ken Hagan responded to letter writers this way about the FTB:

"Thank you very much for your email in support of the Friendship Trail Bridge. I am excited about the possibility of saving this wonderful community asset and look forward to the Board discussion during our June 6th Meeting."

* * *

Lance Armstring is paying a visit to sleepy Haines City in east Polk County to do the Haines City Ironman Sunday.

* * *

Nice ending to the story about the St. Petersburg woman who has her adult trike stolen.

* * *

Congrats to Velo Champ, a SWFBUD bike shop in Seminole Heights, for celebrating its one-year anniversary last night. Jordan Miller and parents Sue and Doug run a boutique bike shop that is helping drive bicycle culture in Tampa.

* * *

Speaking of bicycle culture, Chip Haynes ("Uncle Chipster" has come up with a nice idea of creating a "BICYCLISTS WELCOME" sign for businesses that support bicycling. Let Uncle Chipster explain:

"I came up with the idea of a “CYCLISTS WELCOME” sign for businesses and public buildings to use to attract more bicycle traffic (and less car traffic) to their location. FASTSIGNS of Clearwater, Florida has become the proud provider of said sign, and is offering free shipping anywhere in the continental US for anyone that orders them. I thought that was mighty nice of them. I’ve already ordered one for my house. (Cyclists are most certainly welcome here.) "

* * *

Tampa Councilwoman Mary Mulhern's aide indicated that there might be $3,000 to pay for reflective vests and bike lights for the "Guys on bikes" who bike at night without lights and vests:

"The City of Tampa Transportation Division has identified $3,000 possible funding opportunity within the Division's budget that would support funding material such as lights and vests for the issuance to bicyclists. When funding is confirmed, we will return with a proposed funding agreement in coordination with the Hillsborough Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)."

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