Friday, May 25, 2012

Tampa Bay's Collective Driving/Biking IQ -- Not Too High

For every distracted motorist like this guy working on his computer while driving we have salmon bicyclists like the guy below, biking the wrong way with ear plugs. I have never lived in an area where so many motorists and bicyclists engage in so much risky behavior on our roadways. These photos were taken on 15-mile bike ride today in the city of Tampa.

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Anonymous said...

When I looked through the maps of bicycle crashes that were part of last year's analysis of bicycle safety in Hillsborough County (5 years of crash data), the most obvious pattern was that virtually all of the crashes involved a cyclist who was riding against traffic. This was true throughout the county. The only categories showing large proportions of cyclists riding WITH traffic were those that, by definition, required that the cyclist be riding with traffic. So, for example, right-hook crashes showed larger shares of cyclists riding with traffic. But crashes where a cyclist was struck by a car entering the roadway, for example, were almost all where cyclists were riding against traffic.

Ed Hillsman