Monday, May 7, 2012

Early Morning Cycling

Summer is kicking in here in Florida, so I cranked the starting time back to 6 am for an early-morning ride. And it was great to see that the Temple Crest Baptist Church updated its sign on 40th Street just south of Busch Blvd. Here, the bread-toast combo is used as a powerful 1-2 punch to deliver the message.

I also met a bike commuter on 40th Street. Say hello to Pete, who commutes on two wheels from Seminole Heights to the USF campus via 40th Street. He works on physical plant assignments. On the way home from Flatwoods I was back on McKinley/40th Street heading south to the Busch Blvd. light and I noticed a coomon scene -- a driver reading her hand-held electronic gadget while also driving. She was staring at the smart phone while also driving into the left-turn lane. And there she is below. And when the green arrow came on she was clueless and didn't start to go until five seconds or so. As a Guy who's biking on the loacl streets and has a close-up view of drivers, I can tell you a stunning percentage of drivers are distracted by their phone gadgets. 

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