Tuesday, May 12, 2015

On To Oceanside and Stone Brewery

Tuesday's rides were a two-for-one, a 21-mile ride to Oceanside at Camp Pendleton's doorstep, and then a 36-mile round trip to the famed Stone craft beer brewery, a Taj Mahal of a site in Escondido in the inland of north San Diego County.

So, let's start this morning. In Oceanside, I found my bike shop.

Surfing is big -- real big around here. I saw so many people of all ages in wetsuiys carrying surfboards to the beach.

I like a burger joint that has this guy as its brand identity.

So a place called Pour House in Oceanside has this mural on the side of its building.

It was a short break back at the motel, then a launch off to Stone Brewery in the interior of the north county.

The place is a Taj Mahal of craft brewers, a magnificent and spacious restaurant with an impressive array of Stone beers and guest brews. The food was outrageously good. I ordered the brisket and it was amazing.

Outside, there was no Stone signs. Just a stone-and-wood structure that had a stark, simple design that said, "We're Stone Brewery and we're so badass that we don't even need a brewery sign."

They do, instead, have an amazing entrance.

I adored how Stone advised smokers to discard their cigarettes butts. One of the most disgusting everyday acts is smokers who ruin the earth by carelessly littering our planet with butts that take centuries to break down.

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