Saturday, May 16, 2015

Visiting Old Friends In Santa Monica

That's Lucia in the top photo, the super-cute, fast-talking little girl of my former Florida Today pals Vic and Rachael, who have carved out a nice life in Santa Monica, living in a modest apartment about six blocks from the Pacific.

Vic and Rachael are those types of friends who you can pick up exactly where you left off, even if it was seven years since I saw them.

I biked from downtown Los Angeles on Olympic Blvd about 15 miles to their place, on a street lined with healthy restaurants and cute shops in Santa Monica.

I believe Lucia is three and she already knows bicycles and helmets.

On the way, I passed through Koreatown on the way to Santa Monica.

I called Vic out of the blue this morning and I'm so glad he and Rachael found time on hardly any notice to catch up.Vic works for Sony, while Rachael is doing photography for shows and filmings.

All that stuff about Santa Monica being a place of super-health conscious people who are either actors or writers is true, I passed through Santa Monica on my bike during a cross-country decades ago and it;'s amazing what you remember.

I didn't realize Santa Monica had a cliff -- the Palisades cliff -- overlooking the ocean.

The pier was packed as the mercury hit 68 degrees and it was sunny.

You may have heard of this hotel.

I made my way to a paved trail on the beach and biked a few miles south towards Venice, which is one wild beach town.

I am staying at LA Live, which will be launching point for the final day of the Amgen Tour of California on Sunday morning.

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