Monday, May 11, 2015

One Of My New Fave Ocean Roads -- 101 From Carlsbad to San Diego

So, here's my new bicycle friend Scott. One of the beautiful things about bicycling is that there can be an easy immediate connection with another human being by the simple virtue that you're both pedaling two-wheelers.

Such was the case Monday on my Pacific Coast ride from Carlsbad to La Jolla Shores near San Diego and back.

On the way home, I caught up with a bicycling commuter Scott, who is a fertility drug researcher for a pharm company outside San Diego. He said he hasn't been bike commuting as much as he would like. But as we pedaled together north, we soaked up gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean and I think Scott will be biking more of his 26-mile round trip commutes after realizing how beautiful the natural views are.

When I told him I was from Las Vegas, our conversation ignited because he loves the Los Angeles Kings and he visits Vegas every September or the Kings pre-season game at the MGM Grand Garden Arena

When Scott peeled off in Encinitas to head home, about 25 miles north of San Diego, I continued nirth to Carlsbad and the craft beer holy land -- Pizza Port, which makes its own beautiful beer in addition to doling out an amazing array of other.

Besides the Pizza Port restaurant, there's a wonderful outdoor beer garden scene where the server entered a frig to pull out ice cold glasses.

The great thin about this section of the Pacific Coast is that even though it's only 25 or 30 miles north of a major city like San Diego, there's a lot of direct access to the ocean and there were runners, walkers and bicyclists along the oceanfront in Carlsbad.

In fact, I was really impressed with the ocean road bicycle infrastructure -- big sharrows and big lanes.

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