Sunday, May 10, 2015

When at Zion Natl Park, Go By Bicycle

This weekend, I'm in Springdale and its natural wonder, Zion National Park, which includes a spectacular chunk of Zion Canyon and the Virgin River gorge. I'm doing a travel piece for the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Zion so I won't spill all the marbles, but I did want to share a few teaser photos.

There is no better way to explore Zion than by bicycle, which allows you to slowly take in the spectacular walls of red earth that soar thousands of miles into the sky.

Biking is the way to take in the scenery, and the beautiful thing is that the main road is closed to cars, except the many shuttle buses and the people with passes to the Zion Lodge.

Pedaling a bike is just the right speed to soak up the natural wonders and even hear the waters of the Virgin River.

Others agree. I met Rachelle and D from Las Vegas biking on the road.

At the end of the road, which is off-limits to cars from April to October, I also met Brent and Lisa Arwood from northwest LV. They visit at least once a month.

It's a great get-away. A three-hour drive Vegas and a world apart. There are even places where you can rent a bike. And the town market -- Sol Foods -- even has bicycles hanging from the wall tops, hence the opening photo.

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