Saturday, July 18, 2015

Kids Get Free Helmets -- Motorists Need To Get More Driver Education Too

I love that our local governments buy bicycle helmets and get volunteers to distribute them and fit them on the heads of cute tykes.

It happens across America, especially in places that suffer from a cluster of fatalities that involve motorists killing bicyclists.

Like here in the Las Vegas valley, where a whole bunch of car drivers have struck bicyclists and people who have been killed or seriously injured lately.

The Nevada Department of Transportation provided 3,000 helmets and the Southern Nevada Bicycle Coalition, a group of nice bicycle folks promoting bicycling in the Las Vegas area, and the RTC helped give them to kids.

In fact, they ran out of free helmets at Villa Pizza in Las Vegas and were hoping for a quick delivery of 60 more when I was there this morning. That was just one of several locations where the bike helmets were given to kids.

But the fact is the root cause of many cars-vs-bicycle crashes are motorists driving too fast, not focusing on the bicyclists in the road, talking/texting on cell phones and using just all-around dumb judgement.

I'd like to see the Nevada DOT do more campaigns on getting motorists to clean up their acts in addition to handing out the free helmets and reflectors.  

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