Sunday, July 26, 2015

Time For a Hi Five of Bicycle Links

It's time for my Hi Five -- five bicycle links that grabbed my attention.

1. Even the Tour de France is not immune from gun shots when Paris police fired at a car that broke through a Tour de France barricade. Police are searching for the four car occupants.

* * *

2. God bless those well-intentioned road planners and public works designers, who try and stick bike lanes everywhere. Sometimes, like in this case in Colorado Springs, the bike lane gets a little bit wacky -- and can lead a bicyclist to a potential death.

* * *

3. When you're on a bicycle and you're in the middle of nowhere and  gotta go, well you gotta go. In this case in Idaho, this bicyclist poop job led to a fiery mess.
* * *

4. This country is filled with inspiring stories of overweight people who used a bicycle to change their lives. This fella tips the scales at more than 400 pounds, yet he wanted to bike across the country to change his life. One little problem -- his bike broke down. But a bike shop came through and gave the guy a free bicycle for his trip.

5. Tragically, bicyclists are killed across the country. In this case, a garbage truck killed a bicyclist.

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