Sunday, July 5, 2015

Pedaling An Old Friend

For you bicycle fans out there, you will notice the downtube shifters, which give away the age of this Cannondale R300 aluminum-framed road bicycle.

It's a 1995 Cannondale that was bought at a bike shop in Stuart, Fla., used for only a few years, sold to a brother-in-law, stored in a shed outside Baltimore for 15 years or so and re-claimed by me nearly two years ago.

It returned to me in Las Vegas and I replaced just about every feature on the bicycle -- except for the original drive train. Derailleurs, chain, rings and crank arms are original.

Plus those shifters.

The small upfront ring is not so small, so it was a grind climbing the Red Rock scenic loop with my fellow New York buddy and bike pal Scott.

Here's Scott in action here. He has a Cannondale, too -- a 2010 version.

It was fun to bike slower and take one or two more breaks than usual as I pedaled the 20-year-old Cannondale. It doesn't have the handling ability of my more recent Specialized Roubaix, but it was great to take the ol' wheels out there.

No matter what bicycle you pedal, the scenery is always grand.

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