Friday, July 3, 2015

Making Friends On The Red Rock Scenic Loop

I dragged myself out of the Summerlin apartment at 6:40 a.m., headed out to Red Rock Canyon and met two cyclists as we entered the BLM Red Rock scenic drive.

I met Chris and Mike at the BLM Red Rock booth. The administration there has become very vigilant in checking out park passes and IDs, with a video camera recently mounted on the main booth aimed at the transaction point.

Chris zoomed up the first five miles to the overlook at 4,771 feet. But Mike and I chatted as we grinded out the 1,100 feet from the park entrance to the overlook.

Mike and I chatted about the local bicycle scene. It was cool to hear that Mike was at the fat tire festival put on by Jared Fisher and Las Vegas Cyclery at the Grand Canyon North Rim two weeks ago  Here's Mike and Chris sitting at the overlook, while another bicyclist joined us.

After the overlook, it was mostly downhill back to SR 159.

The Big Stripe. Do you see the bicyclists.

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