Saturday, May 21, 2016

Remembering Our Fallen Bicyclists

Back in the day when I lived in Tampa and motorists were killing bicyclists on a monthly basis, I was helping stage memorial bike rides and install ghost bikes way too often about five years ago.

It reached a point where we were cycling in memory of so many bicyclists that the official Ride of Silence event in Tampa -- held worldwide to remember bicyclists killed on our roads -- seemed like another memorial ride.

In Las Vegas, I joined a Ride of Silence and several other memorial bike rides to remember bicyclists killed on the road such as Matthew Hunt.

Now that I am in Vero Beach, I came away impressed with the bicycle mojo and spirit in this town this morning when 35 bicyclists joined to pedal a Ride of Silence to remember several bicyclists killed locally. The local bike club, Vero Cycling, is an active club for a city of this size and I enjoyed meeting the club's president, Sharon LaPoint, and great members like Tad Diesel and Malcolm Allen, who owns a local bike shop that is active with the club.

I liked the variety of bicyclists, who ranged from serious roadies to runners who hopped on their Huffys to pedal to remember bicyclists killed in Vero Beach.

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