Thursday, September 18, 2008

Donut Cycling Practice

This morning I began cycling before the sun came up to try out a new route -- the Rays Victory Donut tour. Back in June I pledged that if the Rays makd the baseball playoffs after 10 years of unparallelled losing, I would bike 100 miles the day after they clinched a playoff spot and hit as many Dunkin' Donuts stores as possible along the 100 miles since Dunkin gives a free donut to anyone the day after a Rays win.

The Rays are like Rocky Balboa/Hoosiers/1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team/'69 Miracle Mets all rolled up into one -- an amazing story that you should get to know.

I already visited two Dunkin stores this motning when I was on lovely Busch Boulevard heading for a test run of Dunkin stops.

Along the way on Fowler Avenue, I met my pal, Big Bob -- who I used to bump into along 30th Street. Bob has his trusty Schwinn.

At Fletcher and Nebraska, I met some clown who was trying to sell condos.

The Rays Victory Donut bicycle ride will be coming up soon -- as soon as the Rays clinch a playoff berth, which could happen as early as Friday night against the Minnesota Twins.

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