Monday, September 8, 2008

The Streets Of Tampa

When you ride as many miles on the roads and streets in Tampa Bay, you get a pretty good handle on the spectrum of human behavior.

Such as this clown riding in the back of a pickup truck on Nebraska Avenue in north Tampa.

One quick stop and this fella is bug squash.

But it was just one of several bright moves by people on local streets today that I noticed.

I was biking down Nebraska Avenue later in the day and saw a green light at an intersection. A driver who was stopped at the red light on a cross street decided he had waited long enough and casually passed the red and made a left turn onto Nebraska Avenue as I approached the intersection.

And then later in the day on 12th Street in Seminole Heights, I saw a guy sitting in the driver's seat of a white Toyota Corolla and he had a little girl sitting between him and steering wheel and THE GIRL WAS STEERING THE WHEEL!

Nice, huh.


Donny said...

...And that sounds like a good day in Tampa...

What's with the guy in the truck? Looks like he's pointing at something...

GhostRider said...

Don't diss the underaged son pilots our car all the time on our street -- it's a family tradition going back to our granddad, who used to let my father steer. And when I was a kid, our dad would let us go for spins around the neighborhood in his lap, steering merrily as we went.