Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just Curious, But . . .

Am I the only person in the world who:

1. doesn't use an iPod.

2. doesn't play Fantasy Football.

3. thinks Sarah Palin is a plastic, book-banning, smalltown mayor who was nominated for VP our our country for SOLELY her looks and youth.

4. hates when Papa John's Pizza and Toyota uses one of my favorite songs -- the Romantics' "What I Like About You" -- on their TV commercials.

5. thinks the Rays ascent to first place over the Red Sox and Yankees is the most tangible evidence that God delivers miracles.

6. prefers station wagons to SUVs.

7. thinks the bicycle will ALWAYS be the best way to get around.

8. is amazed and astonished that the rich folks of South Tampa put up with a horrendous and dangerous road infrastructure.

9. thinks that downtown Tampa is the most empty, quiet downtown of any major city in the country during most weekend days?

10. thinks that the price of everyday food in the supermarket like milk and bread is way too high

Just curious.


Anonymous said...

your not alone...

Bruce said...

Its the Romantics not the Ramones. I to do not own an Ipod, I drive a station wagon, I always prefer a bike. Milk is more expensive than gas and nobody seems to mind. GO RAYS!!! Keep up the great blog Alan.

SWFBUD said...

Yes, I meant the Romantics, not the Ramones.

Dave said...

The infrastructure in South Tampa is a disgrace, but whenever you complain the city goes and "gets things done" such as the Platt Street bike lane. Oh, wait...

It really is ridiculous. They can't even give us bike lanes in both directions on the city's marquee road (Bayshore). Not to mention the terrible condition of the bike lane they do have there.

...also I love station wagons and think Sarah Palin with power is frightening beyond belief.

GhostRider said...

I don't really care much for baseball or station wagons, but I'm right there with you on the rest of it.

I, for one, LOVE the "ghost town" atmosphere of Tampa's downtown on makes exploring it via bicycle a real joy -- sneaking into parking garages and bombing down the ramps, finding hidden gems, etc.

To be truthful, it ain't all that hoppin' on weekdays, either!

Michael Edgerley said...

I agree on all but #4, I'd agree if it was indeed the Ramones rather than the Romantics. I saw both bands "Back in the day" and had much more fun with the Ramones, while the Romantics were unnecessarily LOUD, and I had to break up a fight to boot!

I also have nightmares about Sarah Palin pointing a 20 gauge at me while on the bike.