Monday, September 29, 2008

I Don't Think This Is Tampa

If we only had it so good here in the Tampa Bay area.

But first, maybe we can actually build a commuter train line or light rail?

Tip of the helmet to Bill Addler of Revolution Bicycles in St. Petersburg for sending this to Bicycle Stories.

It's from Rockport, Mass.

"When the conductor approached me as I was walking my bike on the platform, I was braced. She told me the 'Head Car" was for bikes, this is what I found. Multi-modal! it does exist! I think that is 18 racks and room for 12 on the yellow tipped car rack style on the right and left."


jgodsey said...

that's on the commuter rail near me?
i must find it.
who sent that in?

Dave said...

That almost brings a tear to my eye... good luck though. CSX can't even come to an agreement for Orlando (who needs commuter rail even more than Tampa). As far as a light rail system, someone has to be willing to advance it beyond the hopeful talk that it's been for many years.