Saturday, September 13, 2008

Threads With Style

The Seminole Heights Bicycle Club is an amazing group of cyclists binded by their love for bicycling and connections with friends and their community. We have a variety of bicycles and also garb. Let me take through a little fashion show of the SHBC members.

Jack "the Ghostrider" Sweeney wears a cool bike jersey while he cycles his classy Bianchy, while Rick wears a nice T with baggier shorts on his road bike.

The famed Ghostrider wears his car as coffin jersey, with the car showing the 666 license plate just to hammer the point home about cars.

Ken, the Birthday Boy turning 39 today (that's his story), looks quite dapper with the white long-sleeve shirt.

Stylish Lisa has the shirt and knickers look.

Jim "Mr. Bike Advocacy" Shirk wears his black bike short beneath regular shirts and a Tampa Bay Freewheelers golf shirt.

How about a little wool?

Maria with casual shorts and T-shirt while pedaling her fixed gear.

Casual is in at the SHBC.

1 comment:

GhostRider said...

Dang...that is a STYLISH group of cyclists!

Good times, everyone!