Thursday, December 18, 2008

Painful Shootout Loss For Bolts Tonight

Tonight Bicycle Stories visited the hockey arena in downtown Tampa -- or the Channel District as its specifically called -- and the hometown Lightning lost in a shootout to the Colorado Avalanche thanks to a boneheaded decision by the officials who someohow reached the conclusion that Bolts goalie threw his stick at a shot when in fact he made the save and the stick was dropped AFTER the save was made on the shot during the shootout.

But the story here is always the scenes behind the hockey game on the ice -- so take a peak.

Motorcycles in this market are a real crowdpleaser with the male demographic -- even at a hockey game.

It's not the holiday season in Tampa without the frozen sculptures.

Everyone loves a chocolate fountain.

Ah, the lovely club level. People like to go to a hockey game but not everyone actually watches the hockey game. Sometimes the conversation and food are better than the hockey team.

There's my Seminole Heights and fellow bike club member friend Rick on duty as an arena cameraman. Rick and his nice wife Lisa do the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club web site.

Cigarette lady works the club level. I mentioned that cigarettes are a bad habit and she said she prefers cigars.

The famed Pin Lady -- she said she has 150 pins on the jersey and her cap.

It was Hanukkah and Jewish heritage night at the arena.

High stickin chicken concession stand. Good eats.

It's not every day a chicken is seen wielding a hockey stick.

The sad Beacon Brothers head home. They always walk this way. Beacon on the left and Brothers on the right. They are, after all, the Beacon Brothers.

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