Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ad Turned Out To Be A Harbinger

Only two days ago I posted this vintage ad of a super sweet coaster. It came courtesy of great pal Jeff Houck.

It was just a little foreshadowing for the real thing -- I saw a near replica of the bike in the ad Jeff sent me at Fun-Lan this morning. It was a miracle I even bumped into it. I stopped off to get a car key copied (hint, hint -- there's also a new car) and the first key vendor didn't have the right size key.

So I stopped off at another key vendor, had it copied and went to the Fun-Lan exit in a different direction than usual. And through pure luck bumped into this beauty that I snapped up for a bargain price.

Back home, I quickly outfitted it with a front light, a bell, two pannier bags and a very special license plate.

The Red Beauty was equipped with this signature tag.

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Jeff said...

Call me Psychic J.