Sunday, November 29, 2009

Let's Bike The Urban Cruisers In Downtown St. Petersburg

Today was a bicycling doubleheader. I hopped on the Trek 2200 road bike for an easy 25-mile ride to St. Pete this afternoon. I purposely bike during Bucs games on Sunday afternoons because the roads are empty and it's stress-free.

I met Bridget near Vinoy Park in downtown St. Pete and changed bikes -- I swapped the road bike for my new red cruiser that Bridget brought on her car, which also carried her fat-tire urban Electra. We pedaled all around downtown St. Pete, including a stop at The Pier.

Here's a cool Tampa-St. Petersburg connection. On Friday night, Bridget and I visited the Phoenix Glass Studio open house held annually on the Friday after Thanksgiving right here in good ol' Seminole Heights across from the Sulphur Springs Post Office on a side street. Artist Susan Gott showed a very cool mold that she used for one of the six gorgeous pieces of art commissioned by a snazzy condo in downtown St. Pete called The Ovation at 2nd Avenue and Beach Ave.

Well, what do you know. Bridget and I were on our urban cruisers this afternoon in downtown St. Pete and we stopped at The Ovation lobby to check out Susan's artwork. And it was well worth the stop. Check it out. The lobby could be an extension of the next-door art gallery.

Bridget liked that her Electra purple chainguard was framed by the bike frame of Big Red.

The waning light today struck the big banyons near downtown North Straub Park in just the right places.

The loud thumping bass sound coming from Vinoy Park was a techno DJ Festival. The St. Pete cops working the closed streets around Vinoy Park called it "noise."

The St. Pete park system along the Bay is incredible. Sorry Tampa, I'd like to bike more on your downtown but your downtown park system is near non-existent and your city government does little to make the downtown streets friendly to bicyclists.

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