Sunday, November 1, 2009

Parks Fee Starts In Hillsborough County So Parks Stay Open 7 Days A Week

I support Hillsborough County starting a park fee for motorists who use the county's regional parks, such as Flatwoods. It's $2 per car per visit and $50 for an annual pass. It's free for bicyclists who arrive by bike.

The parks are imposing this fee so that they will stay open seven days a week in light of decreased budget revenue.

I've heard of people who plan to park in the shopping centers and restaurant parking lots near the Flatwoods entrance off Bruce B. Downs. I hope that doesn't happen. Without the parking revenue the parks will not stay open seven days a week and you will lose access to this beautiful public resource.

In an ideal world with a booming economy and revenue dollars flowing into the county's budget, Flatwoods and the rest of the regional parks can stay open all week long and you don't have to pay a dime.

But the parks system has too much value and I support paying a nominal and reasonable fee to use them.

The Tampa Tribune did a story today on the fee starting Sunday.


Clinton said...

I usually ride to Flatwoods except for the Tuesday Night SWAMP ride where I don't always have time. It's probably more cost-effective for me to just always ride and only pay the fee those few times I drive but I'll probably just pay for the annual fee so I don't have to worry about it.

Plochman said...

I went to Flatwoods the other day and upon entering, I stopped at the voluntary pay box, I did'nt have any one dollar bills so I put a five dollar bill in rather than "blow it off" and just drive right in negating the honor system in place. I felt the park was worth it and I will not have a problem with the new two dollar fee. I was rewarded with seeing some wild Turkeys just a few minutes later. Awesome experiance.

Risto said...

Hillsborough County Clerk of Court