Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bicycling In The Big Apple

I was in Manhattan recently for business and took some time to check out the bicycle lanes and bike culture of NY. The City wants to be a world-class bicycle town and by the looks of the amazing bike infrastructure and the proliferation of bike lanes all around Manhattan, New York is on its way.

I also visited the new High Line elevated pedestrian trail (off-limits to bikes) on the West Side, a half-mile raised trail on an old freight line that would pick up and drop off items in buildings along the rail line in the 1930s.

And a few iconic buildings are thrown in here, too.

The High Line Trail is a linear park trail on the old elevated freight line on Manhattan's west side. It runs about a half-mile and opened nearly two years ago. Another 10 blocks to the north will be opening this spring.

Elevated trail even includes a stage/seating area.

View from trail.

Here's the end of the trail -- it's the meat-packing district across from New Jersey.

Trail goes through several buildings.

View from the trail -- note another bike lane.

Hotel on the trail -- windows provide stages for exhibitioners.

Big Daddy Gary Kane -- I was right of college when I met Gary in the Auburn bureau of the Syracuse Herald-Journal and Post-Standard in 1983. We've stayed good friends ever since. Gary went on to have great careers at the Palm Beach Post and AP. He lives with his girlfriend Jen in the east Village and he does documentaries now.

Here's Gary in the famous Strand Bookstore.

After breakfast with Gary we sauntered to an East Village flea market and bicycles are big sellers.

Union Square -- a place for a good protest.

Empire State Building -- or as Bugs Bunny would say, Umpire State.

Flatiron building-- another NY icon.

St. Marks Church -- also used for community theater.

Metro Card bike.

Stripped bike -- probably was abandoned. Giant mt bike in the background still used on the streets of NY.

Slick city bike.

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