Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hitting The Campaign Trail In Tampa Via Bicycle

Is there a bigger contrast between Ed Turanchik and Dick Greco than this photo above showing a cyclist spreading the Ed message via bicyle juxtaposed against an oldtime politician renting the Hooters trolley car.

Rumor has it that the Hooters girls clad in T-shirts with Greco campaign orange hands on their breasts came out in the rain for a wet T-shirt display earlier in the morning.

The Ed Turanchik For Mayor bicycle billboard was a big hit at all the voting sites it visited. Here, I meet some fellow Ed Turnachik supporters at a church voting location on Bay-toBay in Palma Ceia.

Pat Kemp, one of the chief advisors in the Ed Turanchik campaign, hangs out at the Turnachik rolling billboard outside a voting site in south Tampa.

Here's my good pal Nereia. campaign manager for the Jason Wilson campaign at an voting site in Palma Ceia.

I'm biking the Ed Turanchik For Mayor billboard in front of the Palma Ceia Methodist Church, one of the many polling sites.

Pat Kemp and I went to Pappas for lunch on Bay-to-Bay and we met this young man -- Pete Curry, who we convinced to vote for Ed Turanchik.

Here's Jason Wilson, running for citywide District 3. I supported Jason because he came to me a with a list of ways to improve bicycling in Tampa. Jason is pictured in front of a voting site on Davis Islands.

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Clinton said...

I don't know how you do it Alan. Every time I have to think about local politics it makes me want to punch the candidates more than support them. Even if I nominally agree with them, I just end up disliking them a little less than I would otherwise.

Really though, thanks for your hard work out there keeping the issues that are important to the cycling community visible and making sure that the candidates know that we're out here and we as a community may make or break their campaigns.

Your coverage made me want to actually get out and vote in a local election for the first time I can ever recall. Too bad I'm precinct 583, Unincorporated Hillsborough. Only a couple of blocks north of 'Tampa' but it's enough.