Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Congrats To Bob Buckhorn -- Tampa's Mayor-elect

Bob Bockhorn knows,

He knows Tampa needs to improve its collective bicycle IQ and take steps to reform a bicycle scene that is characterized by too many bicyclists getting hit and killed by motorists.

I also welcome a new Tampa City Council, a majority of which gets it. Council members Mary Mulhern, Lisa Montelione, Yolie Capin and Harry Cohen get it. Mike Suarez has the potential to get it. Charlie Miranda is clueless about bicycling. But all we need is four out of seven and I believe we have a majority who care about bicycling and will take action to get staff to do more.

I was at Channelside to share the Buckhorn victory celebration. Congrats on Tampa's new mayor.

Firefighter Todd Bulger manned a polling site at a south Tampa church on Bay-to-Bay.

Before I hit the Buckhorn party, I met Ed Turanchick, a mayoral candidate who threw his support to Buckhorn, and Brian Maholm, a Tampa resident and Buckhorn supporter who wants a new Rays baseball park in downtown Tampa.

Congrats to City Council District 3 winner Yolia Capin. The Buckhorn campaign bicycle trailer also included a Yolie sign.

Michael Fox worked in the trenches to get Yolin Capin elected.

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