Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Bike Commute Into Yesteryear

One of the great bicycle experiences of my life was bike-commuting 24 miles from my rental in Northvale, NJ near the Rockland County, NY border to a former job with foxsports.com at 6th Avenue and 18th Street in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, just south of mid-town.

It included biking over a ridge in Bergen County, NJ to reach Route 9W on the west side of the Hudson River; pedaling south on Route 9W for about 10 miles to the George Washington Bridge; biking over the GWB to upper Manhattan and 177th Street; biking a few local streets and getting to Riverside Drive; and then heading south along the West Side to 72nd Street, 11th Avenue before zig-zagging on local streets to the Bed, Bath & Beyond Building where I started a sports-business web site for foxsports.com in 2000.

What a bike commute! Faster than bus and train and amazing savings compared to a car.

It was the best way to go.

Here is the pic of the side door to the building where I would roll my bike in and lock inside next to a freight elevator.

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Steve S said...

used to work for BB&B,visited that store many times when I lived on Long Island...