Monday, May 9, 2011

Truck Driver Kills Bicyclist On Sanibel Causeway Saturday

When I discuss with government the high number of bicyclists who are killed by motorists in the Tampa Bay area and Florida, I'm often told that it's the bicyclists who are to be blamed because they're causing motorists to hit them. Proposed plans to help bicyclists in Florida include steps to educate bicyclists (which I support 100 percent) but why are motorists also not targeted for improved education and awareness? Case in point: A truck driver crossed the center line and hit and killed a bicyclist on the road shoulder on the Sanibel Causeway Saturday.

Read the story here.

Dan Moser of the Florida Bicycle association was quoted in the story:

Bike and pedestrian advocate Dan Moser said cyclists are permitted on all area bridges except the Caloosahatchee Bridge.

The causeway’s shoulder is 8 feet wide, he said, and the ride is more strenuous than dangerous.

“If motorists are paying attention, it’s pretty safe,” Moser said.

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