Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Good and The Bad

Few areas of the country have both so many bicyclists and motorists who are unaware about driving their vehicles and sharing the road together safely AND so many YEAR_ROUND cool ares to cycle such as the hills of the San Antonio/Dade City area and the Bay.

This morning at 7:15 am, I was cycling on Hillsborough Avenue as part of a ride to bike over the Courtney Campbell Causeway and I counted no less than 3 salmon cyclists coming at me in the bike lane in 10 minutes.

Here's one of those bicyclists biking against traffic.

On the way home, I crested the Courtney Campbell Causeway span on the way to Tampa and biking over water is a wonderful experience. The DOT is scheduled to build a separate causeway span as part of a trail that will provide access for a wider group of cyclists and pedestrians. Right now, it's a rare bicyclist who crosses the causeway because of the narrow shoulder on the main bridge and also speeding cars that routinely go 65 mph and faster across the causeway.

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