Thursday, August 25, 2011

Richard Gonzmart Introduces 3 Wines and a Tequila Named "Screaming Richard"

Tonight I had the chance to see the incomparable Richard Gonzmart, owner of Tampa's iconic Columbia Restaurant, unveil three new wines and a tequila named, "Screaming Richard," at a wonderful dinner that raised money for multiple causes.

The Screaming Richard label is based on Richard's experience of participating in The Running of the Bulls in 2007. The label is a beauty -- it's a pic of Richard with a nearby bull that got some air play on the morning news shows.

Richard is a former 4-Her who had a black angus as a kid, so Richard wanted to help the bull up.

Richard also introduced three RG wines, including telling the amazing story behind a red wine unveiled to honor Rusty, his beloved German shepherd. Richard said Rusty fell ill and suffered from a near-fatal disease, but he took his four-legged pal to a University of Florida small animal hospital, where Rusty got some medication and he's still alive. Richard loves raising German shepherds, but he said Rusty was the best ever.

Here's Richard talking about Rusty tonight.

The Columbia also just introduced a new menu packed with cool stories, great new dishes and its signature items.

Richard also loves bicycling, so I hope he can attend the Bicycle Bash on NOV 6.

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