Saturday, August 27, 2011

Salmons Everywhere

So,I'm cycling south on Nebraska Avenue and see the usual salmon cyclists pedaling against traffic.

Most of them usually don't drag a lawn mower along the way, though.


Anonymous said...

And it would appear, based on the expression that he don't give a f**k. He wants the shortest, smoothest route to his next mowing gig. That's it.

It sucks, but most motorists put you and he in the same mental bucket.

Our city is overrun with homeless guys on junk bikes riding sidewalks, one way streets, and more. The cops ignore them.

They come down the bike lane opposite the sharrows, with me at 22mph and them at 10 giving a closing speed of 32 mph or 47 feet per second. Look down for a sec and they're RIGHT THERE, out of nowhere.

You can write them a ticket, but they'll toss it - costing the city hundreds of dollars in administrative costs and lots more if a warrant is served. So nobody does anything.

Anonymous said...

Wrongway Wainrights!