Friday, August 19, 2011

Help Catch The BB Gun Shooters of 2 St. Petersburg Bicyclists

Mel Lucas, a St. Petersburg cyclist, says two bike riders were shot with BB guns on a Thursday night 5 PM ride.

Please help St. Petersburg Police catch the BB gun shooters.

Here is Mel's report:

Bicyclists who were on the 5:00 ride in St. Petersburg lastnight (8/18/11): If you can offer ANY info on the car, the tag # or of the driver or passenger of the car who shot two of the bicyclists with a BB gun, please do whatever you can to help the SPPD investigate this case by contacting Officer Philip Postle at 893-7780. The case number is 2011-50903. The police have bumped the charge up to a felony. Unless we do what we can to prosecute this type of thing, we will continue to be victims while out cycling. It's your choice.

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Anonymous said...

glad they bumped the charge up to a felony. hope they catch the jerks