Tuesday, August 2, 2011

SWFBUD Asks MPO Board To Recommend Funding The BAM Network

This morning SWFBUD appeared before the Metropolitan Planning Organization board to unveil its proposed BAM Network -- the unified multi-trail system that would cover most ofHillsborough County and Tampa. BAM stands for Bicycle Area Mobility and SWFBUD believes connecting the Tampa Bypass Canal Trail, the South Coast Greenway and the Selmon Expressway Greenway into one unified trail system would offer bicyclists a safe and efficient way to get around while also interconnecting with bus routes and surface streets with bike lanes.

Our message to the MPO board and elected officials: Ride The BAM! SWFBUD asked that the MPO board recommend funding a regional BAM Network and get the city of Tampa and Hillsborough County to partner in building the BAM.

Here's a great stat: Portland, Oregon built 360 miles of bike trails and bike lanes for the cost of a single mile of highway construction.

This man serves on several Ybor City business committees and urged the MPO board to recommend funding the Selmon Expressway Greenway as a vital link between downtown Tampa and Ybor City.

Thank you Kathy D'Onofrio of state Rep. Janet Cruz for speaking on behalf of the funding of the Tampa Bypass Canal Trail. Rep, Cruz has been a terrific supporter of bicycling in Tampa Bay.The Bypass Canal Trail would connect New Tampa to State Road 60 and be one leg of the BAM Network.

This woman asked the MPO board why the Selmon Expressway Greenway is not being funded after she told the board she was buzzed by motorists when she rode her bicycle on the road in Tampa.

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Donny said...


Also, I would have been slightly more impressed if it were "Bicycle Area Mobility Freeway" or something else that ended in F. Something about equating such a trail network with the phrase signified by "BAMF" would have amused me greatly.

But all the same, good work and good luck getting it funded!