Friday, February 24, 2017

An Obscene Development For Red Rock Canyon Endures Because Clark County Commissioners Just Won't Say No

First, frustration -- and some confusion on Wednesday.

Now, I'm feeling anger today about the way the county is dealing with the fate of Las Vegas's natural treasure -- the Red Rock Canyon corridor that includes a massive home proposal of more than 5,000 homes near the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

This morning, I just listened to Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak talk on KNPR and explain the commissioners voted (5-2) two days ago to allow a developer to withdraw a plan to build 5,025 homes on 2,000 acres at a mining site on Blue Diamond Hill in Red Rock Canyon.

It was with the understanding that the 2011 plan for this project was still alive, Sisolak said.

And besides, Sisolak told radio listeners, if the commission rejected the application by controversial developer Jim Rhodes and Gypsum Resources, he COULD sue the county or even worse, a judge COULD rule that Rhodes can build six homes per acre -- or 12,000 homes.

After all, Sisolak said, Rhodes can build 1,100 homes at the site under the current zoning.

Welcome to the way public policy is shaped in Clark County.

Through fear that a developer COULD do this or a judge COULD do that.

This is absolute bullshit.

A county's governing board is making decisions based on hypotheticals and fear of litigation?

Here's the deal: The application before the county commissioners -- assuming the 2011 plan is still in effect (there's debate and confusion about that too) -- is for 5,025 homes on 2,000 acres.

So, vote on that by stamping, "reject," on it. It's a laughable proposal.

Don't vote on speculating whether you think Gypsum Resources' lawyer might do this or a judge might do that.

The fact is every decision you make as a seven-member county commission can draw a lawsuit.

But you're entrusted with the responsibility of standing up for the best interests of the county -- not worrying about whether an applicant is pissed off by your decision and might sue.

Here's what makes my blood boil. Sisolak admits he would not like a single home built on that mining site but that Rhodes has a right to build some 1,100 homes there.

But that's not what is before the county.

A 2011 proposal for more than 5,000 homes is apparently still alive before the county and if you think a project of that scope is way out of line for one of the most valuable natural resources in the western United States, then vote that way.

Stand up for nearly 50,000 people who have signed a petition against this obscene development proposal and for the more than 100 people who attended a seven-hour hearing to explain in every which way why this project would scar and damage our natural treasure in Las Vegas.

Reject this 2011 concept and say, Hell no to 5,000 homes in Red Rock Canyon. Now now. Not ever.

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