Friday, January 22, 2010

Nick Believes These Photos Show The Bike Thief

Nick Griffiths, my bicycle friend from Moffitt, says these photos show the bicycle thief who stole his friend Becky's bike.

Sgt. Frank Wassenberg of the Medical Center Police Dept. says, "These are the best pictures we have. This man walks over here from Bruce B Downs, then leaves on a bike. Can’t tell if it’s your bike or not. Can you?"

Nick believes this is the bike crook.

Sgt. Frank Wassenberg's phone number is 813-974-2675.


Nick said...

Thanks again Alan. Hopefully when he tries this again, somebody will recognize him and call the police.

Becky said...

Hey Alan, thanks for posting this I hope this helps in either stoppiing this guy or getting my bike back!

SWFBUD said...

I hope somebody recognizes this guy and/or your bike Becky and you get it back. The fact you have the ID number is great and will make recovery easier if they get the bike. I know hiw it feels to lose a bike and get a bike stolen. Good luck!

Steve S said...

this is a good reminder to make sure you have record of every bikes serial # that you own...if it's an older bike,original shop may not have record prepared!

Ellen said...

Set up a sting operation and catch the POS.