Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bike Shop Pedaling -- Mark's Last LV Cyclery Ride

Just about every bike shop has one -- a morning ride before work during the work week.

At Las Vegas Cyclery, it's Wednesday mornings and one of the reliable riders has been Mark McCann.

I say "has been" because today was Mark's last LVC Wednesday morning ride. He and his lovely wife Karen are off to Phoenix on Friday.

I took out the Pugsley fattie and caught up with the riders at Calico Basin, and the Pugsley kept up with the roadies pretty well along State Road 159 in Red Rock Canyon.

I couldn't keep up on the last final hill to the scenic overlook, but I did catch up and there it was selfie and picture time.

Here's Mark and LVC owner Jared Fisher in selfie mode.

And the gang.

On the way down the hill of 159. Jared and I were quite the scene -- he was on his fixie titanium framed Moots and I was coasting down in my single-gear, steel-framed Surly Pusgley,

The video gives you a sense of biking down a hill on a fixie.


Mark McCann said...

Hi Alan. It's been great riding bikes with you on this ride and in general in Las Vegas. Going to be hard to leave one of the best places anywhere for epic road and mountain biking, and great people to ride with! - Mark

Anonymous said...

Hi alan, met you years ago and was inspired with your bike advocacy but lost touch. Was wondering if you have ever been a bike to work commuter and or car free 100%? Great photos btw!