Sunday, April 12, 2015

Looks Like Red Rock Loop Adding Bridge Over Wash

When you're pedaling on SR 159 to the Red Rock Loop and on the loop itself, it's no telling who you might bump into.

This morning, I was bicycling about two miles shy of the Loop entrance when a guy on a Giant hybrid asked me for an Allen wrench because he was borrowing his friend's bike and the seat needed to be raised.

I just so happens I keep a wrench tool in my seat bag and it took only a few minutes to raise his saddle and make his ride more comfortable.

We chatted and I learned Brendan lived in Brooklyn with his wife and two kids and was visiting a friend in Summerlin who worked on finance at the Wynn.

We bicycled together into the Loop, chatting about New York City and his bike commutes over the Brooklyn Bridge to his book publishing job in Manhattan.

He biked the first mile up the hill and took a break at the Calico parking lot just after mile one.

We said so long and I hoped he was able to do the Loop on a hybrid with no cleated shoes.

Around mile 3, there's some construction and it looks like the BLM is building a bridge over a wash.

At the overlook near Mile 5 my bicycle pal Scott was on a two-wheeler -- his BMX motorcycle.

We caught up for about 15 minutes, before I pedaled off on an incredible day.

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Anonymous said...

When are they putting in a much needed bike lane?! It is getting crowded getting there, back and on the loop!